Demand Lab

Marketo Training Services

Ramp up your Marketo skill set quickly

Let DemandLab show you how to get more from the Marketo platform. Whether you and your team are absolute beginners or just need a refresher on the latest best practices, we can tailor an accelerated training program to fit your needs.

We can deliver training either onsite or via screen share, and the curriculum is based on your current or planned instance build and instance review recommendations, as well as best practices.

Discussion topics include:

  • Lead lifecycle and lead scoring
  • integration and sales intelligence provisions
  • Landing pages and web forms
  • Email marketing and nurturing campaigns
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Data hygiene

Training topics include:

  • Marketo overview
  • Advanced Design Studio tutorial and best practices
  • Lead database structure and best practices
  • Marketing activities how-to and best practices
  • Analytics how-to and best practices

Our Clients

  • Amer
  • Mod
  • Markt
  • Markw
  • Crow
  • Aru