About Us

By leveraging the power of technologies for marketing automation, customer relationship management, content creation and data visualization, DemandLab aligns marketing and sales activities and drawing on best practices, DemandLab clients are elevating their results and outperforming their own expectations. We’re inspired by the way integrated and automated marketing transforms our clients’ practice, potential, and profitability.


DemandLab has been championing the cause of integrated, end-to-end, automated marketing and sales since 2009. Back then, we did not have a name for it, but we knew there were valuable problems to be solved, now we call it MarTech. We have helped marketers in every type of industry exceed their own expectations, boost the bottom line, and reaffirm their value to the whole organization.

With 80+ clients and thousands of successful campaigns for high-tech, higher education, fashion, telecommunications, finance & banking, transportation, human resources, and government risk management (to name a few), we bring a wealth of best practices, practical insights, and industry knowledge to every new engagement.

Who We Are

Data, all sorts of data, is the new currency of the digital age. Whether your company was born a digitally-native or not, every business needs to empower its internal process and systems by implementing automation to lower the cost of transactions, move faster than the speed of your customer, and operate at scale. We are huge proponents of master data management empowered by data governance as a fundamental challenge marketer’s and their organizations.

To strategize, you need to know what has been, what is and what will be. It all starts with breaking down silos to create a place to connecting all of your data in one spot, a marketing data lake. Outside of marketing, these concepts aren’t new but what a marketing focus brings to the table is the connection to the customer and revenue as the drivers. From a solid data foundation, you can unleash your data science to create insights, visualizations and metrics that support revenue growth and really matter to the business.

Integrated, responsive, end-to-end marketing campaigns can require a high degree of coordination, attention to detail, and rigorous management practices. DemandLab keeps your project on track with robust management technologies, an experienced, dedicated project manager, and a resource library of tools and templates that enable us to move forward faster.

We live and breathe marketing technology — automation, mobile delivery, social media, cross-platform integration, and more — in a holistic view. We’re not bound to any single brand or approach, we tailor the solutions that best support your goals, budget, capabilities, and markets. Wherever you need to go, we can map a path to your desired destination and support you every step of the way.

How we work

Whether you need our services for a short-term project or an ongoing engagement, we act as your trusted sales and marketing partner.

With expertise that spans strategy and consulting, marketing automation deployment / management / optimization, graphic and digital design and coding, and content strategy and copywriting, we always have the right talent on hand.

We prioritize innovation, creativity, and measurable results that enhance your performance and demonstrate the tangible value your marketing team brings to the whole organization.

Expert guidance with a dedicated senior consultant

Your project is overseen from beginning to end by a dedicated senior consultant who is an experienced marketing professional, a marketing automation specialist, and the point person who is ultimately responsible for your success. The work is kept on track by a supporting project coordinator who manages deadlines and coordinates a team of design, automation, and content specialists.

Transparent partnership

Our transparent and accountable service model ensures superior service and support, a better client experience, and impressive project outcomes.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA downtown at city hall.

Why we’re different

It’s hard for us to talk about ourselves without talking about the great things our clients are doing. Like saving $300K per year on their marketing budget. Or boosting leads by 400%. Or achieving a 95% increase in year-over-year revenues.


Proven success in elevating client practise and results.


Award-winning campaign strategies and execution.


Qualified, certified consulting staff.


A roster of 80+ clients across multiple industries.


Expertise in high tech, finance, higher education and HR.


Remote team means we can hire the best, wherever they may be.

Crafted insights that keep you relevant