Advancing the Customer Journey with Interactive Content

by | 18.Sep.17

Marketers are focused on making the customer journey as effortless and frictionless as possible. If we can eliminate an extra step, reduce the number of clicks, or shorten a field form, it’s a win.

Interactive content turns that guiding principle on its head by asking the prospect to put in some serious work—clicking, swiping, scrolling, thinking, choosing, and typing in order to fully unlock the value of the experience.

Why are marketers asking their prospects to work up a sweat? Because interactive content can drive higher levels of engagement and, ultimately, revenue.

Interactive content is changing the content mix

A 2016 survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and Ion Interactive found that nearly half of content marketers (46%) are using interactive content, and 79% expected their use of interactive content to increase in 2017.

Of the marketers using interactive content, 87% agree that it grabs the viewer’s attention more effectively than static content.

Because it adapts and changes based on the viewer’s actions, interactive content delivers a more absorbing, immersive, personalized, and relevant experience. The novelty appeals to sophisticated content consumers, while focused information-seekers appreciate the ability to control and customize the interaction.

The result is a higher retention rate, a more positive brand interaction, and a stickier experience that’s more likely to pull prospects into the funnel and keep them moving forward.

Engagement plus insight

But interactive content doesn’t just deliver a better customer experience. It also delivers more valuable customer insight to the organization. Because every action the prospect takes—every click, swipe, and choice they make—is an opportunity to learn something new and meaningful about them.

Prospects who hesitate to give up their email address for a gated white paper may willingly share a wealth of detailed firmographic, financial, and psychographic information when they take a quiz or use a calculator. That valuable data can be used to refine your content, your customer journey, and even your products and services.

By increasing the amount of actionable data that can be collected from a content touchpoint, interactive content can accelerate the virtuous circle in which prospect data becomes business insight, which in turn creates a more enticing customer journey.

Great interactive content is…


Interactive content has the wow factor needed to capture the attention of people at the early stages of the customer journey, but with the right content, it’s equally effective in pulling leads into the deepest recesses of the funnel.


Because it’s more technologically complex and resource intensive, interactive content needs to demonstrate a clear return on the investment and a direct impact on a revenue goal.

Re-used and recycled.

Where possible, plan to repurpose the data generated by interactive content to create additional content. For example, what prospect wouldn’t be curious to see how the budget information they enter into a calculator or the answers they submit during a flash poll compare to those of their industry peers and competitors?

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