BOOK LAUNCH: Announcing Change Agents, DemandLab’s New Martech Framework

by | 20.Nov.17

If you’re in marketing, your world is changing fast. No other business function has undergone a more dramatic transformation in the past decade.

From automation to AI to predictive analytics to social, search, mobile, and omnichannel marketing, marketers are acquiring new vocabularies, exploring new technologies, and pioneering new approaches at a breakneck pace.

For some, this is cause for panic. But for others, it’s exhilarating. These technologies aren’t just changing the way we get the job done. They’re changing the role marketing plays in the organization. The CMO is now a change agent, someone capable of re-aligning every business function to better serve the customer’s needs and meet the company’s revenue expectations.

For almost a decade, DemandLab has been supporting smart, ambitious, experienced marketers to navigate this new landscape and step into their new roles. And today, we are proud to announce the publication of Change Agents: The Radical Role of Tomorrow’s CMO.

It’s a framework that lays out the process for creating a Revenue Ecosystem® , a set of concepts and processes for re-envisioning and delivering on marketing’s true potential by assembling the right technology, the right talent, the right data alignment, and the right relationships.

We condensed the approach we used to deliver high-caliber, award-winning strategies to 80+ B2B and B2C clients into six key steps:


  1. Recognizing the revenue growth imperative that needs to inform every marketing activity
  2. Jump-starting the digital transformation that positions marketers as agents of change
  3. Developing the data model that delivers actionable insight and better customer experiences
  4. Building a growth engine that aligns people, processes, and technologies with the customer
  5. Generating a 360° view of the customer with a holistic system of record
  6. Creating a customer journey that anticipates and meets their needs at every step.

Who should read it?

Unsatisfied marketers who feel restless and hungry for change. Those who want to graduate from clicks and open rates to revenue impact. Those who want to evolve from campaigns to strategy, and from vanity reporting to true customer insight. It’s for every marketer who has ever felt frustrated by the gulf between their potential and the reality of their current role and wants change.

Co-authored by Rhoan Morgan, CEO, and Eric Hollebone, Chief Marketing Technologist, and VP Marketing, Change Agents offers a comprehensive, practical guide for marketers seeking a structured, proven approach for aligning key marketing resources in support of their organization’s revenue goals.

Download the ebook version of Change Agents: The Radical Role of Tomorrow’s CMO here.

If you prefer a more tactile version, request a hard copy. We’d be happy to send you one.

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