Case Study

A Unique Nurture Brings Personalization to Qlik’s Global Database

Untangling a global, multilingual campaign

With a global market that spans 100 countries and growing, Qlik has a massive and highly differentiated lead database, which made timely, relevant outreach a challenge.

Find out how DemandLab helped Qlik tame the beast by using advanced Marketo features to create a campaign capable of scaling powerfully while accounting for the location, language, buying stage, and interest level of every single individual on their list.

DemandLab helped Qlik create a sophisticated, flexible campaign capable of supporting a highly segmented, variable nurture that could:

  • Account for each lead’s interests, location, and more

  • Communicate with greater nuance and authenticity

  • Vary the email cadence based on each lead’s activity patterns

The new nurture strategy enabled Qlik to embrace a modern architecture that created a highly personalized, authentic experience for each lead, yet significantly reduced the Qlik team’s administrative time and costs.

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