Episode 8

Revenue Rebels: How Turn Your Customers’ Pain Into Gain

Is your product or service a vitamin or a painkiller?

This contrast is a common metaphor among startups, but one that companies across many sizes, industries, etc. should consider. As we welcome David Priemer, Founder and Chief Sales Scientist at Cerebral Selling back to the podcast, we’ll dig in to a vitamin strategy vs. painkiller strategy and help listeners understand how to achieve success with the right approach.

Check out David Priemer’s original article: “Want to sell someone a band-aid? Cut them.

If you missed the previous episode with David, listen to it here.

Listen to the full interview below:

About Our Guest

From his early days tinkering with test tubes and differential equations as an award-winning scientist to leading top-performing sales teams at high-growth tech start-ups, David Priemer brings a lifelong passion for uncovering the hidden insights in the world around us, to his practice as the founder of Cerebral Selling. Often referred to as the “Sales Professor”, David helps organizations supercharge revenue growth, people development, and culture by combining the core principles of science, empathy, and execution. 

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