Case Study

Newsletter Automation Sets Stylesight Free

A complex, multilingual publishing cycle

For leading style platform Stylesight, newsletters are an essential part of the marketing strategy. But tailoring content for a global, multilingual list meant creating and distributing 180 different newsletters each month, an effort that pushed the team beyond their limits. DemandLab showed Stylesight how to automate and streamline the process in Marketo—with astonishing results.

Read this case study to see how Stylesight:

  • Saved between $240,000 and $300,000 per year

  • Slashed production time from days to hours

  • Received rave reviews from newsletter recipients

With a smarter Marketo deployment, the Stylesight team now has more time, less stress, and a budget windfall to spend on exciting new marketing initiatives. Download your copy of the case study for more details, plus tips on getting more out of Marketo.

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