Enhancing Efficiency with a Salesforce-Marketo Database Audit

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A large enterprise client needed to uncover the root causes of duplicate accounts and contacts that were clogging their Salesforce and Marketo systems and significantly impacting performance.


DemandLab examined more than four million records and traced the sources of the problem to both partial record creation and integration timing issues that caused more than 25% of duplication the company experienced. Because the marketing automation and CRM databases were connected by point-to-point integration links rather than a hub-and-spoke model, the system was creating a duplicate every time a partial record was appended with additional data during an update. A high volume of records being created, partially updated, and duplicated was overwhelming the Salesforce-Marketo synchronization process.


By quantifying the expected savings in terms of direct platform costs as well as the labor costs associated with the manual workarounds, DemandLab was able to help the marketing team justify the project and gain organizational buy-in. DemandLab’s audit and recommendations led to an internal initiative that addressed the integration issues going forward.

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