Customer Engagement Value Model

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Aligning Business and Customer Goals

The customer engagement value model (CEVM) delivers value to the customer and the organization using a system of engagement. The end result is a continuous feedback loop that collects customer data and metabolizes it to generate business insights and optimized customer experiences and outcomes.

By focusing on this value, we have helped our clients achieve impressive results, including multi-million dollar opportunities, a 400% increase in leads, personalization at scale, and annual cost savings of up to $300,000.

What does a CEVM look like? See for yourself.

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We Can Help

Creating an engagement model that delivers value to the customer and the organization requires both technical proficiency and creativity. DemandLab combines the best of both worlds.

We’ll help you:

  • Examine your CEVM holistically
  • Create a model that delivers personalization at scale
  • Identify new opportunities for business insight
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