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Data Architecture and Data Science

Unlock your data’s incredible value.

Tap into the transformative power of your data with advanced data architecture, science, and analytics services. By providing models, policies, rules and best practices for data collection, storage, integration, sharing, and analytics, we help your organization use data to generate deeper business insights and deliver more rewarding customer experiences.

Our process:

  • Explore. Our team of technologists and data scientists looks at the data practices and technologies in your organization and conduct audits to determine your data’s integrity, accessibility, and fluidity. We build on this exploration by leading a discovery with your team members to determine the areas where a lack of good data or data-driven insight is holding them back.
  • Recommend. Based on our findings, we present you with a set of recommendations for data technologies, best practices, and research opportunities that will generate the insight, clarity, and responsiveness you need to achieve specific goals.
  • Implement. Whether your solution requires a technology implementation, staff training, or a research project led by data scientists and analysts, the DemandLab team has the expertise to deliver on the requirement.

We specialize in:

  • Data hygiene and integrity processes
  • Data management and governance
  • Data analytics technology integration
  • Data augmentation and enrichment
  • Customer segmentation and profiling

We help you:

  • Attribute revenue to campaigns and channels
  • Forecast customer churn, lifetime value, and win-back
  • Measure and optimize customer satisfaction
  • Evaluate and optimize pricing strategies
  • Mine and visualize data meaningfully
  • Share and reassemble data across systems
  • Optimize campaigns in real time

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