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Traditionally, marketers have skimmed the surface of the customer experience, focusing on customer-facing technologies and processes. But when it’s not connected to deeper systems of engagement, business applications, and infrastructure, it can’t support omnichannel, personalized, real-time interactions.

The growth engine connects technology platforms, human processes, and automated processes to create a system that’s greater than the sum of its parts and capable of generating true insight and enabling exceptional customer experiences.

Iceberg illustrating what the customer sees above the water line compared to the system necessary to deliver the experience
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By ensuring that of each part of your growth engine is connected to the others and there are clearly defined integrations both in terms of data quality and timing (based upon your data model), you can design and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Make no mistake, building a growth engine takes coordination and change management beyond the marketing function. Make sure to engage your colleagues from other parts of your organization in order to be successful.

We Can Help

Ready to take a deeper dive and build a system that generates insight and optimizes the customer experience?

We’ll help you:

  • Create a phased approach to building a growth engine
  • Identify cross-functional project stakeholders
  • Select technologies that support a better customer experience
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From growth engine to 360˚ view of the customer

With a growth engine in place, your system of record is ready to deliver a richer, more accurate view of the customer than you’ve ever seen before.

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