Data Execution

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Implement and integrate

When your systems aren’t set up to collect, verify, and share data effectively, it affects everything, from your ability to deliver an email to your target audience, to your potential to provide customer insights within your organization.

We help you build systems and processes that cleanse, consolidate, and enrich data so you can enhance campaign performance, deliver on the strategy, and develop a 360° view of the customer.

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Anyone can pull a report, but does it tell you what you need to know, and do you trust what it says? Duplicate records, confusing fields, and dirty data can take the insights right out of reporting, and revenue right out of the pipeline. We can help you turn questionable data into data you can trust.

Data deduplication

Data deduplicationIncrease reporting accuracy and decrease compliance risks. Deduping can lift the fog from your database and reveal your customers in a new light.

Data hygiene

Data hygieneDue to lack of planning or a database merge, the health of your data may be suspect. We clean up the issues so that you can reduce costs and gain efficiencies.

Data integration

Data integrationManaging data across a growing number of point solutions? We help you integrate new vendors and solutions into your martech stack and data architecture.


Data warehousing and data lakesDon’t depend on vendors to host and control your hard-won data. Take ownership of the data generated by your marketing stack to enable insights and revenue growth.

Data segmentation

Data segmentationChallenged with aligning your segments to your personas? Need your data to better support campaign targeting? We evaluate your needs and build the right rules and segments to empower marketing.

Data-linked hierarchy

Data-linked hierarchyGain new points of entry, new avenues to revenue, and complete revenue insights by understanding and reflecting your customers’ organizational hierarchy. Fuel your ABM initiatives knowing your customers decision making rank.


We architect data systems that drive performance, revenue, and insight.

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