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Are you collecting the right data and realizing its full potential? Are you missing opportunities to leverage the data for greater insight or revenue?

We enhance the performance of your data-driven systems and the efficacy of your data-driven decisions to identify where data could do a better job of supporting visibility and the customer experience. From the accuracy of your database to the ability of your measurement systems to predict and influence revenue, we help you get more value out of your data assets.

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Designed for organizations that want to take their existing data systems to the next level, DemandLab’s performance services deliver greater clarity and efficiency. Using the latest best practices, tools, and methodologies, we’ll help you tie your content and channel engagement to revenue and gain a 360° view of your customer.

Revenue optimization

Revenue optimizationDo you have the data to know why people are not progressing or converting through your customer journey? We identify and quantify leaks and opportunities in your funnel and implement a plan to stem the flow.

Data audits

Data auditsFind out how fit your data is at serving your needs and how closely it supports a 360° view of your customer, from acquisition to onboarding to retention.

Revenue attribution

Revenue attributionShowcase the value of your marketing department and demonstrate your impact on revenue with a system that follows the trail from engagement to opportunity to sale.

Marketing insights

Marketing insightsAre your campaigns supporting the funnel? Is your content driving traffic? We evaluate and connect the effectiveness of your efforts on revenue so that you can refocus on high-value activities.

Business insights

Business insightsUse system data to generate new perspectives on team efficiency, process automation, customer churn, cross-sell and upsell, and other opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Total customer value

Total customer valueKnow and compare total customer value with a data system that automatically tracks and analyzes the lifetime revenue performance of your customers including their subsidiaries.


We measure and optimize the quality and performance of your system data.

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