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Whether you need to connect the dots in your lead management system or build a customer-focused data system that connects marketing, sales, and finance, DemandLab can help you achieve your goal.

We bring a structured and rigorously customer-centric approach to the development of data strategies for your core marketing automation and CRM platforms as well as the extended marketing and organizational stack.

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Is your data architecture limiting organizational transformation and growth? An ambitious business strategy deserves an equally ambitious data strategy. If you need a plan for collecting, integrating, and analyzing the data in ways that elevates your business and supports growth, we can help you develop and implement it.

CRM data strategies

CRM data strategies Potential revenue shouldn’t be buried in your CRM. By driving the right strategy, you can bring opportunity to the forefront of your data.

System assessments

System assessmentsIs your technology secretly working against you? Identifying system misalignments can transform efficiency and accelerate growth.

Customer journey analytics

Customer journey analyticsDoes your data tell a story and support informed decisions? Tie engagement to revenue with analytics that span the entire customer journey.

Marketing automation data strategies

Marketing automation data strategiesAre you connecting the conversation from initial touch through to opportunity win? Use the data to create success at each step of the customer journey.

Platform integration strategies

Platform integration strategiesToggling between too many platforms and point solutions? Integrating your systems saves time, delivers new insights, and reduces maintenance.

Data governance

Data governanceIs your data clean or chaotic? Rein in your sources, people and processes through collaborative governance exercises to fuel the organization.


We solve your toughest data challenges and support your most audacious goals.

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