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Advancing Marketing with Technology

Marketing’s use of technology is not a means to an end. An investment in technology should be an enabler that is effective when it supports an overall marketing strategy.

Technology is at the core of the DemandLab’s Revenue Ecosystem and we understand that your business relies on the effective use of marketing technology to increase revenue or drive down cost through automation. Whether your company is a digital immigrant or digital native, there is no denying the impact of the changing technology landscape.

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Our Focus

With a focus on the innovative use and customized combinations of technologies including marketing automation, CRM platforms, orchestration and data science and analytics, we help organizations, from startups to Fortune 500s, effectively utilize and take their marketing technologies beyond the marketing department.

Our team of highly skilled and certified experts work with clients to elevate their marketing and sales efforts through the use of marketing technology. We specialize in complex implementations, blending marketing strategy with execution, and facilitating integration among business units – marketing, sales, service, finance, and IT – to create indispensable organizations. At DemandLab, we partner with top marketing technology leaders and data scientists. Our partners help us to further support our clients and allow them to create a bigger impact within their industries.


How is your company tracking and managing customer engagement? Engagement platform technologies like marketing automation and CRM have evolved significantly. However, some companies are unsure of how to properly use their systems. We enable our clients to transform their platforms or systems from nonintegrated and inefficient tools to comprehensive customer engagement systems.

We partner with the best in each technology segment to deliver our customers their own tailored solution.

Marketing Automation

Marketo, the leading customer engagement platform on the market, helps marketers create long-lasting, impactful relationships through a customer journey. Our team of Marketo Certified Consultants, Certified Experts, Technical Consultants, Solutions Architect, Analytics Certified Experts, and Marketo Champions brings specialized expertise and best practices to your team, enabling you to revamp your digital marketing efforts.

Systems of Action(CRM)

Your customer is at the center of your business. Understanding who they are and what they need while having the capability to fulfill those needs should be your ultimate goal. That’s where your customer relationship management platform comes in.

We partner with Salesforce to help our clients move beyond using their CRM as a contact database or repository to effectively managing company interactions with customers and prospects to build a 360° View of the Customer. Our team is comprised of Salesforce Certified Administrators who are skilled in transforming your Salesforce instance to align with your business processes.

Get the Transformation Started Today

With solutions designed to scale, DemandLab helps clients advance their digital transformation strategy and create competitive differentiation. Reach out to learn how we can help you advance your business goals.

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