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The B2B journey is long and complex, and marketers are more challenged than ever to connect the dots, generate customer insight, and accurately measure their performance.

DemandLab Sightline™ is a SaaS-based business confidence solution designed for B2B marketers who need to measure and prove their impact on revenue to the C-Suite.

Designed for enterprises that use Adobe Marketo Engage and Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sightline™ applies an invisible data framework to existing technologies and workflows to orchestrate end-to-end marketing attribution data. Because it’s not a platform, no integration is required and your sales and marketing teams don’t need to learn new processes or perform additional steps.


See your customers, segments, and markets with crystal clarity. Sightline™ works behind the scenes to collect marketing and sales data across multiple platforms and touchpoints to create a holistic record for each customer that captures their entire lifecycle, from first touch to closed-won revenue. Data can be sliced and diced in dashboards and reports to reveal revenue impact and generate customer insights.

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Because it’s a data framework and not a platform, Sightline™ works invisibly in the background to collect and consolidate lifecycle data and apply it to specific customers and opportunities. No resource-intensive integrations, process changes, or staff retraining is required. Sightline™ simply wraps around your existing marketing and sales workflows and touchpoints to ensure data is structured to support accurate, full-funnel customer insights and marketing attribution.


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Source Attribution

Track each customers’ digital interactions with your brand across every platform and touchpoint.



Channel Attribution

Track the impact of marketing initiatives and campaigns on people in your marketing automation platform and CRM.

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Revenue Attribution

Capture the opportunities and revenue associated with each account and allocate impact to full-funnel marketing activities.


Every Sightline™ deployment is managed by a senior technical lead with advanced Marketo and Salesforce certifications and a minimum of 10 years’ martech experience.

Marketo, an Adobe Company

DemandLab’s attribution framework helped us build dashboards that showed the impact on revenue of every digital marketing activity. Not only did that prove our value to the organization, it helped us evaluate our marketing channels, campaigns, and vendors more accurately.

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