Magento Scales up Global Marketing Campaigns by 50X Flawlessly

Find out how DemandLab helped Magento, an Adobe Company engage top prospects effectively at an unprecedented scale.

DemandLab - Case Study Adobe Magento Scale MOps

Expanding into global markets

DemandLab helped Magento's marketing operations (MOps) team implement systems and processes that enabled them to scale up their marketing campaigns without burning out or breaking down. By optimizing the team's Marketo instance and creating new structures and workflows, DemandLab helped the MOps team to:

  • Support a 50X volume of multilingual campaigns
  • Slash campaign time-to-market by 70%
  • Support the needs of a fast-growing company

Read the case study to find out how DemandLab helped Magento MOps to upskill their technical capabilities, achieve new economies of scale, and prove their ability to support rapid market expansion.

Find Out How We Did It
DemandLab - Case Study Adobe Magento Scale MOps