Marketing Data and Analytics

Fuel your marketing programs with the right data. DemandLab’s marketing data analytics services help your organization design, repair, refine, and augment your data resources.

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Who do our marketing data and analytics services help?

DemandLab supports marketing teams, from the executive leadership to the practitioners, that need to build data resources that drive marketing decision-making and support organizational transformation and growth. We help enterprise organizations leverage advanced marketing data analytics to generate deeper business insights, support full digital marketing and revenue attribution, and deliver more rewarding customer experiences.

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Smiling African American manager making data analytics presentation

Extract value from your marketing data

CRM data strategies

Drive the right strategies to ensure that you optimize revenue opportunities from data within your CRM system.

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System assessments

Identify areas to transform efficiency within your marketing data systems and accelerate growth.

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Customer journey analytics

Tie engagement to revenue with marketing data analytics that span the entire customer journey. Ensure that your data tells a story and supports informed decisions.

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Marketing automation data strategies

Connect the conversation from initial touch through to opportunity win and use the data to create success at each step of the customer journey.

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Platform integration strategies

Integrate your systems to save time, deliver new insights, and reduce maintenance needs.

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Data governance

Streamline your sources, people, and processes through collaborative data governance exercises.

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Tag management strategy

Track and record events and engagements across multiple digital channels to attribute revenue to marketing.

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Data technologies we work with

“DemandLab has been instrumental in helping iCapital evolve our marketing and sales communication programs as well as reporting capabilities in a strategic and systematic way. We work with DemandLab on strategy, process planning, advanced integrations, and marketing data analytics. Their support, from the development of the project scope to the implementation of each project component, has added significant value to our team.”
Senior Vice President, Acquisition Marketing Strategy and Analytics
iCapital Network

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We've been working remotely with clients around the globe since 2009. That means we know how to deliver great results regardless of distance, time zones, or bad traffic. Let’s work together to extract greater value from your marketing data and analytics.
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