Finance Firm Doubles Engagement with Content Marketing

Find out how investing in thought leadership content enabled PEF Services to strengthen the brand, broaden the market, and showcase its expertise.

DemandLab - Case Study - PEF Thought Leadership

Attracting attention in a crowded market

PEF Services, a boutique fund administration firm, needed to market its premium services in a price-conscious market.

DemandLab helped PEF develop a collection of high-quality white papers designed to engage its target market, position fund administration as mission-critical service, and generate qualified leads.

By publishing value-driven thought leadership, PEF was able to achieve a dramatic and measurable change in its market reach and positioning. PEF’s white paper-collection has enabled the firm to:

  • Demonstrate expertise and compete with bigger firms
  • Shift the conversation around fund administration 
  • Double brand engagement within a year

Find out how PEF transformed its market potential by showcasing the expertise and insights of its leadership team

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DemandLab - Case Study - PEF Thought Leadership