BI Firm Increase Global Engagement with Highly Segmented Nurture

Find out how DemandLab helped Qlik build a nurture that was flexible and responsive, yet required far less effort to manage.

DemandLab - Case Study - Qlik Global Nurture

Reengaging leads effectively with a 1:1 nurture

Qlik, a business intelligence firm, needed to create a sophisticated, segmented nurture that delivered a personalized experience for their global audience. The technology infrastructure also had to be easy for their international marketing team to manage.

DemandLab helped them build an intricate nurture architecture using Marketo and Salesforce that seamlessly delivers content based on the lead's needs, interests, behaviors, buying stage, geography, and more.

Read the full case study to for key insights on how:

  • Capturing original source detail supports profiling and tracking
  • Tracking last point of engagement supports communication-based on current interests
  • Using targeted audience segmentation based on interest, journey, and language increases conversions
  • Geographic destination points ensure right-time delivery of email
  • Geographic and interest personalization provides exponential engagement and conversion results seen across all segments
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DemandLab - Case Study - Qlik Global Nurture