Build a Full Cross-Sell Lifecycle for a Billion-Dollar Business—in Under Two Months.

See how DemandLab helped a global market leader in digital media and marketing solutions roll out a cross-sell lead lifecycle to generate revenue and prove ROI on marketing.

Marketing moves fast. But DemandLab moves faster.

Enterprise companies confront a growing demand for cross-sell opportunities, especially in a very intricate, specialized multi-product environment.

Although the client had a traditional prospect lifecycle in place, they didn’t have an automated way to route qualified existing customers to business development representatives. Also, because the client had already developed campaigns to support cross-selling, the team
had a tight timeline to deliver a solution.

DemandLab worked closely with the client to develop new, efficient lead management mechanisms. This work helped the client:

  • Process more than 400 automation qualified leads (AQL) in the lifecycle’s first six weeks
  • Increase efficiencies: Traditionally, a similar lifecycle would take 12 weeks—but DemandLab delivered it in five
  • Strategically incorporate technology and automation with a trusted agency partner

Read on to learn how DemandLab increased cross-sell revenue by developing a complex enterprise lifecycle—in record time.

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