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Our award-winning team accelerates your success with advanced expertise in marketing, sales, and service, supporting technologies, strategy, process and execution. With a drive to bring optimum value to our clients, we also partner and collaborate with industry thinkers on exciting, challenging projects from analytics to predictive modelling and revenue forecasting. In addition to our full-time team members, we have developed and vetted a community of experts in graphic design, development, and coding specialists to round out our integrated solutions.

You’re getting the industry’s best

Founded in 2009, we have 10+ years in service to our clients
We bring 4 decades of executive leadership to you and your team
Bringing you over 68 years of combined MarTech experience
We’ve earned over 54 MarTech certifications
Winners of 21 Industry awards for DemandLab and our clients
Our team is global and has worked in a combined 32 countries
We speak 10 languages proficiently
Holders of 12 (and counting) MarTech platform championships
Presented at 50+ speaking engagements to educate fellow MarTechers

Leadership Team

Rhoan Morgan


Rhoan is the co-founder and CEO of DemandLab A strong advocate and early adopter of marketing’s collection and use of data and technology, she saw that a lack of analytics and automation was preventing many of her peers in B2B and B2C businesses from capitalizing on the potential.

She launched DemandLab as a full-service marketing and sales agency that specialized in delivering technology-assisted strategy and campaign execution to her clients. Under her leadership, DemandLab has grown significantly year over year while delivering award-winning work that positively impacts market share, operational efficiency and for the agency’s enterprise clients.

One of the first wave of marketing leaders to recognize the potential of marketing automation, Rhoan continues to explore next-generation technologies and analytics that accelerate revenue, clarify marketing’s contribution, support engaging customer journeys, and deliver valuable customer insights.

Rhoan sees marketing as the catalyst for digital transformation that radiates across the organization, connecting sales, IT, customer services, and finance and generating deeper levels of transparency, accountability, and coordination. Prior to co-founding DemandLab, Rhoan gained international leadership experience overseeing the marketing and sales teams for CreoLink, an ISP based in Cameroon. She also led content strategy, media buying, and media and analyst relations at Shunra, a network virtualization solution subsequently acquired by HP.

Rhoan has been named a Champion and Certified Expert by Marketo, a global leader in marketing automation. She is the recipient of a Stevie Bronze Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and has twice been named to the list of 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management by the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA). She is committed to mentoring women in sales and marketing. Most recently she has been a career counselor for Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that helps women facing employment challenges to achieve economic independence.

The rapid evolution of automation technologies, digital marketing, and data science have rewritten the possibilities for marketers and the organizations they work for.

– Rhoan Morgan, CEO, DemandLab

Julien Gasparac


Julien is a co-founder and COO of DemandLab and provides financial and operational leadership and management to the team. With a long background in sales, management, finance and logistics, Julien’s strategic and analytical thinking capabilities have led to the development of several initiatives that have significantly elevated DemandLab’s operational efficiency.

He is responsible for leading and managing DemandLab’s operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and systems to manage organizational growth and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Julien saw an incredible opportunity when co-founding the company in 2009 as his long background in sales and customer service management provided a unique perspective on the challenges marketing, sales and service were encountering at that time due to a lack of technology, integrations, insights and collaboration. He believed in the vision and managed the company’s growth to ensure DemandLab could deliver to its clients.

Julien hails from France with a degree in business management and logistics and has gained international leadership experience through positions he’s held in France, Saudi Arabia, and Cameroon, Africa.

Prior to DemandLab, Julien founded and ran a modern wall decor and custom decal company for three years, serving both the consumer and business markets including retail customers in regions including APAC, Europe, and Central America, including ModCloth and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, plus thousands of direct customers around the world. He is also the co-founder of a successful real estate investment company based in Philadelphia, PA.

With 11 years of management and leadership experience, Julien ensures overall operational strength, overseeing the functional success of the company.

I look at our work from the lens of the finance leader, and having systems in place that enable proper reporting — and the people that make those insights actionable — is foremost on my mind every day.

– Julien Gasparac, COO, DemandLab



Eric brings DemandLab’s 360 Digital Fusion to life for our clients by integrating strategy, technology, and data across the marketing, sales, and services continuum. By leveraging cloud technologies and enterprise application architecture to drive digital innovation, Eric designs solutions and effects transformations along the entire length of the customer journey—from creating awareness to increasing revenue to enhancing loyalty and customer lifetime value.

A background in technology and engineering enables Eric to approach marketing from a uniquely scientific, technical, and data-driven perspective. He uses this experience to restore balance to the creative/emotional and scientific/technical dimensions of the marketing mission. Eric believes that the c-suite has a responsibility to disrupt the status quo before their competitors do.

His approach to technology involves thinking beyond the immediacy of today’s needs and re-orienting the organization toward tomorrow’s possibilities. He promotes early adoption, non-traditional approaches, and digital flexibility as key competitive advantages for businesses in every sector.

Eric was an early advocate of marketing automation, measurement, and analytics as a means of driving greater insight for the marketer and a more personalized journey for the customer.

Today, he is focused on the potential for big data, AI, beacon technologies, and the IoT to change the marketing landscape and accelerate digital change across the organization. Early in his career, he delivered technology solutions to global brands such as Rolls-Royce Aircraft, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Agilent, and Hewlett-Packard.

Prior to joining DemandLab, Eric led brand management and revenue funnel growth as the Director of Marketing and Recruitment for Algonquin College. Eric is a three-time Marketo Champion, a two-time Revvie (Revenue Performance Excellence Award) winner, leader of the Ottawa Marketo Regional User Group (Ottawa), and an active participant in the Salesforce User Group (Ottawa).

He speaks regularly on a number of topics, including CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation), marketing technology, and digital transformation.

Whatever you’re doing today, figure out what to stop doing and what to start doing. Accept short-term discomfort as a requirement for long-term gain and market.

– Eric Hollebone, VP Marketing, DemandLab

Anita Williams

Director of Client Services

Anita brings nearly 20 years of martech, project, and IT management experience to DemandLab, including a decade of senior-level expertise. She holds a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) designation and has a proven track record for building and guiding high-functioning teams in consulting and agency environments.

Anita is responsible for building strong client and team relationships, maintaining high levels of client satisfaction, and maximizing client ROI and revenue through the use of advanced marketing and sales technology platforms.

An extensive background in B2B marketing, IT, training, implementation, change management, and project management enables Anita to guide high-functioning consultants in complex, technology-driven client initiatives.

Prior to joining DemandLab, she was the VP of Client Services & Operations at BlueBird Strategies, an enterprise-level demand generation agency with a deep heritage in martech, marketing strategy, lead nurturing, content creation and marketing automation services with a focus on Marketo and When BlueBird was acquired by Square 2 Marketing, a leading digital marketing and sales agency, she assumed the position of Director of Technology Practice where she drove performance across key areas including client and team satisfaction, retention, and operational efficiency.

Anita holds a BA in Psychology and currently lives and works in Boise, Idaho. She loves to travel, treasures time spent outdoors hiking and skiing, enjoys attending live music shows, reading and time with her husband, dog, family, and friends.

I create happy clients by setting clear goals, building strong teams, delivering measurable results and applying continuous improvements. As a quality-driven realist, I understand the delicate balance between getting it right and getting it done.

– Anita Williams, Director of Client Services, DemandLab