Case Study

iLEVEL Evolves From “Arts & Crafts” To Leading Edge

DemandLab Helped iLEVEL Revolutionize its Marketing

By showing iLEVEL’s marketing team how to use marketing automation to identify, segment, and target prospects more effectively, DemandLab helped them evolve from a passive sales support function into an active force capable of generating leads, refining prospect lists, and capturing significantly more business.

Read this case study to see how iLEVEL improved with:

  • 100% of leads processed vs. 90% ignored

  • 66% time reduction in ISA-qualified lead close rates

  • 40% reduction in customer acquisition costs

Shifting from disconnected digital tools to an integrated marketing automation platform enabled iLEVEL to dramatically improved the company’s sales and marketing performance across virtually every success metric, including a 95% increase in year-over-year revenues. Download your copy of the case study for more details, plus tips on getting more out of Marketo.

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