Change Agents Strategy Playbook

Use thois playbook to create a step-by-step framework for building a Revenue Ecosystem®.

DemandLab's Change Agent Playbook

Change starts now

The Change Agents: The Radical Role of Tomorrow’s CMO book was written to guide these marketers through the process and inspire a transformational mindset.

For marketers who are ready to turn their inspiration into execution, the step-by-step Change Agents Playbook will help you embark on the first three steps in the Revenue Ecosystem® Framework.

Use this playbook to:

  • Define and align your organization’s goals with marketing’s initiatives
  • Engage and get buy-in across business units and the executive team
  • Optimize data strategies and processes

The playbook includes worksheet templates and additional resources to guide your efforts and help you create a strategic blueprint to turn your marketing vision into a reality.

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