Adobe Summit Has Gone Virtual. Here's What You Should Know.

Chris Johnston

Adobe Summit 2020 goes virtual

In 2020, major conferences are being moved online or even outright canceled. With the global pandemic COVID-19 disrupting our lives, we here at DemandLab are here to help you navigate your way and ensure that you are able to reach your customers with timely and relevant information.  

In this post, we’ll share how to navigate the Virtual On-Demand Adobe Summit and provide tips on which sessions are can’t miss. 

The Theme

The theme of this year's Summit is the Customer Experience Management Playbook. This year Adobe wants to help you plan out your digital transformation and ensure that you:

Design for Brilliance. Wire for Intelligence.

For years we have been touting the Revenue Ecosystem which has provided the framework for a Digital Transformation. In fact:

DemandLab supports your strategic vision of marketing-led customer experience by unleashing the combined power of technology, content, and data.

It is one of the reasons we partner with Adobe, sharing the vision that:

People Buy Experiences, not Products.

Where to Start

If you have been to any major conference in the past, you know that the Keynote is the place where the themes and ideas are introduced, and the tone of the conference is set. Going virtual doesn’t change this at all, and for Adobe Summit, this means videos are all in one place featuring the C-Suite and celebrities you’d expect to find on stage from the comfort of their own homes. Kick start your Summit by checking out the Welcome Message provided by Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe. 

For me, one of the most interesting things to come out of his message was the introduction of what Adobe is calling the DEI or Digital Economic Index. With Magento and Marketo now in the Adobe Family, among a full suite of other offerings, Adobe services trillions of transactions, and is able to harness that into real-time data, offering a glimpse of how COVID-19 is impacting businesses and specifically online retail.

Adobe's DEI: Digital Economic Index released during the 2020 Adobe Summit

Can’t Miss Sessions

Celebrities sell.

And this year Adobe has brought on Tom Brady to talk about his playbook. Depending on the celebrity, and how much effort it takes to tie their lives into the theme of the conference, it can either be a great talk, or a big miss. This year, I felt Tom was perfectly on point and there are some great takeaways making this session well worth the 9 minutes.

Scaling Up: Managing Marketo Engage for Growth

If you are using Marketo Engage and are just starting out, or have been working with it for years, this session is a can’t miss. Tyler Coleman and Jeff Jobe provide tips that are crucial to system performance and scalability. At DemandLab, we consult with clients all of the time that run into these issues, so don’t let small things become big headaches.

AI: Practical Uses for Today's Enterprise Marketers

When it has “Practical” in the title and delivers on it, it is always a must-watch. When you can apply new information to your business, it is always a good thing. Unfortunately, the new feature this session highlights is still in Beta and won’t be available for a “few” months. It is, however, a feature that will become a MUST for anyone hosting webinars.

How to get the most from a Virtual Conference?

Embrace the theme

In our new-found states of self-isolation, we are transitioning ourselves to new experiences in how we shop, how we interact with brands and retailers every day. The same can be said for your customers. Traditionally in a Live Conference setting, we are able to engage with people and have different types of interactions. In the virtual setting, it is all about the content.

Think about that and your experience with the conference as you create your playbook for your customer experience. What walls does digital put up, and how can you overcome them and even use them to your advantage? 

Commit the time

If this were a live conference, you would be on a plane for X number of hours, spending 16 hour days on the conference floor moving from session-to-session, exploring the Sponsor Hall and having dinners with clients or vendors. It is a multi-day distraction from your day-to-day work life.

In the virtual world, where everything is on-demand, you can watch it at your convenience, but it also means you have a lot of other priorities and distractions that you need to overcome. Block some time, turn off your chat app, close your email inbox and dedicate time to watch and experience the session with a notepad and learn something new that you can implement in your business.

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Chris is a martech solutions architect with a decade of marketing and sales management experience. He holds more than a dozen marketing certifications, including Marketo Certified Solutions Architect, Google IQ, American Marketing Association Certified Marketer, and HubSpot Inbound Marketer.

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