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By: DemandLab on August 4th, 2023

B2B Outlook on Marketing Data Quality

B2B marketers rely on data to improve the customer experience and make informed decisions about marketing strategy and spending. In partnership with Ascend2, we recently fielded the B2B Outlook on Marketing Data Quality report. 

We gathered input from B2B marketers on a variety of data quality topics. We asked them questions ranging from their rating of the current overall quality of their marketing data to assessing the benefits of improving their data quality. We also worked to gauge their confidence levels as to whether improving data quality could/would impact their ability to improve business outcomes. 

The report outlines: 

  • How to obtain better quality B2B marketing data
  • The most important types of data you need to collect for better business outcomes
  • How to get buy-in from leadership to obtain the high-quality data that drives decisions

Download today to learn how to improve customer experience, business outcomes, and overall data quality.