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By: Casey Grimes on June 13th, 2024

Casey Grime’s Article on Marketing Attribution Featured on CMSWire

Casey Grimes, our Martech Innovation Manager, has made a significant contribution to CMSWire with his latest article, “Foggy Figures: Seeing Beyond Marketing Attribution’s Mirage,” which delves into marketing attribution models and their potential distortions of marketing effectiveness.

Casey adeptly tackles the challenges of traditional attribution models and advocates for the adoption of multi-touch attribution models to understand the customer journey better. He emphasizes integrating data from diverse sources and fusing MTA with marketing mix modeling to provide valuable guidance for marketers.

Key insights include:

  • Understanding the limitations and biases of different attribution models
  • The importance of data integration and technology in effective attribution
  • Combining multi-touch attribution with marketing mix modeling for a holistic view
  • Practical tips for aligning attribution strategies with business goals

For a deeper understanding of how to navigate the complexities of marketing attribution and improve your marketing strategies, read the full article on CMSWire here: