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By: Veronica Vidal on December 27th, 2023

DemandLab’s Unique Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

As we welcome 2024, setting New Year’s resolutions takes on a unique significance at DemandLab. Traditionally, resolutions are about adding more to our lives—more goals, more activities, more achievements. But this year, we’re embracing a different philosophy. It’s about subtracting rather than adding; focusing rather than expanding. We’re exploring how doing less, not more, can lead to greater personal and professional success and fulfillment. This concept isn’t just about minimizing our actions but maximizing their impact, redefining productivity and efficiency in our work and personal lives.

Employee Resolutions for 2024

Here’s what our team members are saying about New Year’s resolutions:

  • “Anything that helps someone get motivated to work toward their goals is a positive. It has the potential to have an impact on professional life or work performance, although sometimes they stick and other times they fall off the radar” – Anna Patterson, Project Coordinator
  • “New Year’s resolutions can be beneficial if they are realistic! Rather than setting a goal that has to be met every day/week starting January 1st, I find it is better to set an intention for the full year. So rather than saying, “I have to read 30 minutes every day”, setting a goal or intention to read 10 new books this year gives you the freedom to achieve the goal at a pace that works for you and doesn’t feel discouraging if you fall behind or life happens and can’t give reading your focus each day. I made a resolution in recent years to stay in touch more with friends and family. I had to set myself reminders to reach out, like notes on the calendar for their birthdays or special events. This helped me stay connected with those relationships more. My [professional] goal is to become more knowledgeable in data analysis in the next year so I can make effective business decisions related to team workload and capacity planning.” – Kimberly Yanni, Project Services Manager
  • “ I have mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes I set goals, but I can’t always achieve them all, which could be disappointing. I’ve made New Year’s resolutions, and it worked if I had a full-year plan to achieve them. If there was no plan, it didn’t work. For example, the “I’ll read more next year” is not working, but when planning my next year’s dividend portfolio growth, I have to plan what I must do each month to achieve it, and it works. One of my new year’s resolutions is to improve my communication skills.” – Gábor Pécsek, Martech Developer
  • “I love New Year’s resolutions; I tend to do a vision board every year to visualize my goals., Every year I make a vision board, I end up accomplishing my goals, and I try to set realistic goals. As a professional, I really hope to learn more about video content and continue leveraging my learnings into my role.” – Veronica Vidal, B2B Demand Generation Specialist 

DemandLab’s Vision for 2024

Our vision for 2024 integrates this philosophy of ‘doing less’ into the very fabric of our organizational culture. This approach aligns perfectly with the launch of Insentric, a tool that champions efficiency by helping marketers focus on what’s truly effective. We believe that prioritizing and focusing our efforts can achieve more meaningful and impactful results. As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite every member of the DemandLab team to embrace this mindset, creating a year of focused efforts, sustainable practices, and significant achievements. Let’s redefine success together in 2024.