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By: DemandLab on May 18th, 2023

Learn All the Awesome Things We Get to Do For Professional Development

At DemandLab, we offer our team members professional development funds to further their education and develop new skills. Currently, our team is working on a number of exciting initiatives for their career growth.

We asked, “What are you doing with your professional development funds?” and here’s what some of us had to say:

“I’m doing an exec data science course through Coursera. I’m hoping it will help me better understand how to manage highly technical teams, especially those in data and analytics.”
–Chen Bian, Manager, Client Services

“I just completed the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification in Q1 of this year using my professional development funds from last year. I will also take on the Marketo Engage Certified Professional certification this year.”
—Terrence Crawford, Project Coordinator


“I’m taking an online search engine optimization (SEO) course. It’s something I’ve dabbled in here and there over the years, so I’m appreciative of the chance to take a full-on course.”
—Carin Moonin, Senior Content Writer

“At the end of each quarter, my manager and I discuss and set quarterly professional development goals for the next quarter. This can be related to technical or soft skills. We ensure each goal is trackable: The best way to do that is to have a certification exam. I have recently achieved my Salesforce Associate certification which helped me to deepen my knowledge in the Salesforce ecosystem and have a solid understanding of the use of these tools in sales and marketing.”
—Rasul Musayev, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist

“I’m completing computer programming courses to dive deep into a language that I already know, learn new ones, or work on exciting projects. As well as learning new technologies, it’s helping me to become a confident full-stack developer and work on the product side.”
—Gábor Pécsek, Martech Expert

“I am participating in a couple of professional development courses, including acquiring my Marketo Business Practitioner (Professional) Certification and a two-week Business Development Strategies course. With regard to my Business Practitioners Certification, my goal is to continue increasing my knowledge of the Marketo platform and to be able to assist in future demos. This knowledge will also help uncover opportunities where a prospect may be looking at Marketo for their marketing automation platform (MAP). The Business Development Strategies course will help to increase the engagements with prospects from cold-calling and emailing. Marketing does a great job generating leads, and I still want to contribute to the lead-generation process. The additional skill sets will allow me to contribute more to the growth of DemandLab.”
—Christian Roberts, Business Solutions Consultant

“I am working toward my Marketo Engage Certified Professional certification. This will help me both diversify my own service offerings and help me better support the Martech team as a Project Lead since I will gain more understanding into the details and steps of the projects I am coordinating.”
—Renáta Sebők, Project Lead

“I have done professional development with DemandLab (note the past tense as I haven’t determined this year’s focus yet). I attended a large conference for Human Resources professionals in my area, learning more about the association’s purpose, about achieving certification, and many other HR topics pertinent today. It’s sparked the push for me to achieve my Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) certification in 2023.”
—Jody Waddle, Manager, Human Resources

“Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age. It helps me learn about industry trends and continuously grow as new technologies emerge.”
—Emma Wahdani, Martech Client Success Strategist

“I’m currently working toward my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute in an effort to obtain the industry-accepted accreditation that is reflective of my knowledge and experience after 10 years working in Project Management.”
—Kimberly Yanni, Manager, Project Services


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