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By: DemandLab on March 17th, 2023

Introducing Insentric™, the Marketing Intelligence Platform You Need

Marketing leaders like you face many challenges, including being able to prove your department’s impact on revenue.

From acquiring new leads to nurturing existing ones, tracking customers throughout their journey, and setting up best practices for managing data, everything comes back to providing impact and value.

To fully understand which marketing initiatives drive revenue, you must have a clear, accurate understanding of everything that’s happening. You need a view of what’s happened—and what needs to happen.

At DemandLab, we have been providing attribution solutions for our clients for years. We found that many of the available solutions on the market were either difficult to set up or didn’t allow marketers to be confident in their results. Many attribution solutions try to use technology, algorithms, and models to make up for lack of a solid data foundation.

That’s why we created Insentric™.

What’s Insentric?

Insentric is a marketing intelligence platform developed by DemandLab for large enterprises and Fortune 2000 B2B marketers who need to measure and prove their impact on revenue.

What does it do?

Insentric measures source, channel, and revenue attribution across the buyer journey. It brings the power of a data scientist to the fingertips of marketing.

How does it work?

Implemented as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Insentric is designed for enterprises that use Adobe Marketo Engage and Salesforce Sales Cloud. Insentric’s people-centric, API-powered approach seamlessly transforms and aligns marketing data, unlocking valuable insights such as revenue attribution, source and channel performance, campaign timing, budgeting—and more.

Insentric allows users to evaluate both current performance and future spending decisions through long-term trend analysis and performance.

The platform has three key components:

  • Automation: Provides consistency, quality, and streamlined processes with advanced web traffic attribution, automatic analytics tracking in Marketo emails, and data capture.
  • Attribution: Measures source, channel, and revenue attribution across the buyer journey using people-centric processes and buying team identification to scale marketing and sales performance.
  • Insights: Reporting provides long-term trend analysis, marketing performance, and detailed storytelling.

What does Insentric provide that other attribution platforms don’t?

Insentric provides a people-centric approach to attribution that focuses on how touchpoints and people can be attached to revenue.

Insentric also comes with years of experience from DemandLab. We understand the challenges marketing leaders face. And as marketers ourselves, we know why other revenue attribution products can fall short.

It’s why we developed Insentric: to solve those challenges.

To learn more about Insentric, visit or contact us.