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By: Casey Grimes on January 23rd, 2024

Casey Grimes Published on CMSWire

Casey Grimes, our Martech Innovation Manager, recently contributed to CMSWire, a top digital marketing and tech platform. His article, titled “Let’s Make 2024 the Year for ‘Lazy Girl’ Marketing,” argues for prioritizing efficiency to achieve better marketing outcomes.

In it, Casey examines typical challenges faced by marketing teams, such as excessive workload, misalignment of goals, and lack of data-driven decision-making. He suggests effective tactics like precise messaging, optimizing performance, and critically evaluating impactful activities. We encourage you to read the full article on CMSWire for practical tips on maximizing results with minimal expenditure and effort.

Key insights include:

  • Investing in human resources as much as technology
  • Focusing on core business KPIs over vanity metrics
  • Reallocating budgets towards more effective strategies
  • Cutting out non-performing activities.

For a deeper understanding and to incorporate ‘lazy girl’ marketing into your 2024 strategy, check out the complete article here: