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By: DemandLab on June 29th, 2023

Summer fun: What we’re reading and listening to this season

Summer is here! And one of the main delights of this season is putting together a summer reading and listening list. Whether it’s an eagerly anticipated beach read, a studious subject, or a podcast to keep you company on a long walk, there’s something for everyone.

We asked our colleagues what they were looking forward to picking up or putting on this summer, and here’s what some of us had to say.

“I’m reading The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin. I am trying to do at least some of it in the original Chinese, so it is slow-going.”
Chen Bian, Manager, Client Services

“Nowadays, I prefer listening to podcasts. Currently feeling excited about finishing The Revenue Marketing Report episode: Is ChatGPT the Future of B2B Marketing?”
Rasul Musayev, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist

“I always read books about game development. For example, a Hungarian author named Jenő Rejtő (P. Howard), who was also a journalist, and pulp fiction writer. He wrote a lot of books about stories in the French Foreign Legion. I like his really special humor, and I can read his books again and again.”
Gábor Pécsek, Martech Expert

“I don’t have a planned reading list. However, I have been reading a book that focuses on living a more healthy lifestyle. It looks at our lifestyle from a mental rather than physical approach. The book is called Dr. A’s Habits of Health, and it also includes a Life Book. It’s part of a diet program I joined in early January. I also listen to Dr. Gary Knoll’s podcast. I am looking to build a Summer Reading List and am always open to suggestions.”
Christian Roberts, Business Solutions Consultant

“I set a goal for myself to read at least one book every month; so far, I’ve hit that goal. I’ve tried to mix up the genres each time so I can read a variety of books this year rather than stick with my usual true crime genre. Currently, I’m reading Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please, and am enjoying learning about her unique perspective and life.”
Bethany Taylor, Senior Martech Automation Expert

“My reading list is a bit sparse this year as my focus is on a lot of hiking. However, I have been avidly reading HR Brew, a daily newsletter on many HR topics, news briefs, and ideas. I’ve had a bunch of ideas swirling since starting to read it.”
Jody Waddle, Manager, Human Resources

“I’ve had The Mountain is You on my reading list for a little while and will read that this summer.”
Emma Wahdani, Martech Client Success Strategist

“Usually, I read poetry before bed, but I’ve found myself getting into podcasts more during the day. I’m currently enjoying Elyse Myers’s podcast “Funny Cuz It’s True.” Elyse is wonderful all on her own, but she’s scored great guests and covers interesting topics from spiritual, deep connections to silly stories.”
Kimberly Yanni, Manager, Project Services


What are you reading or listening to? We’d love your suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us on our LinkedIn, Twitter, or contact us anytime.