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By: DemandLab on December 20th, 2021

Take 5: Five Initiatives for Marketers to Prioritize in 2022

Can you believe it? We made it to the end of another year. We’ve learned, we’ve grown, and we’re ready to take on the New Year!

After months of strategizing, planning, executing and analyzing we’re all looking forward to some time to breathe. As we take time to reflect on the past year, we’ve rounded up five of our top insights that are sure to impact marketing in the year ahead.


For Business Leaders

Remote work is here to stay. Prioritize culture.

Many companies transitioned to a remote work environment or a hybrid approach in 2021. Some companies succeeded, some were challenged. At DemandLab, we’ve been 100% remote since 2018. Fortunately, we’ve had time to work out the kinks, and our CEO, Rhoan Morgan, shared some insights she’s learned along the way to help foster a strong, remote work culture.


Establishing a trusting work environment that empowers your staff begins at the top. As a business leader, you must be completely committed to your company’s values and also be authentic in the way you lead, manage, and practice those values.

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For Marketing Technologists

Tech is critical to marketing success. Prioritize smart martech investments.

Remote work has also significantly impacted marketing–how we strategize, reach new prospects, etc. Plus, demands have never been higher for marketing to prove their ROI. Tech needs to be a significant part of any marketer’s ROI strategy in order to achieve success. But as you consider martech investments, how do you differentiate the money wasters from the money makers? Our COO and marketing technologist, Eric Hollebone, shows marketers how to use the Purpose Alignment Model to make smarter decisions about their martech investments.


Don’t give in to “shiny object syndrome.” Instead, stay focused on goals and take a structured approach to cut out the noise and select the best martech for your team.

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For Chief Marketing Officers

CMOs are struggling to align marketing to revenue. Prioritize attribution.

Revenue attribution was a hot topic this year, and we fanned the flame. Marketing leaders face a landscape of shifting priorities, but aligning marketing efforts with revenue is one of the most persistent challenges that marketers face. We surveyed marketing leaders and executives and compiled the findings into The CMO’s Challenge: Revenue Attribution From a Leadership Perspective. In our report, marketing leaders shared their challenges, and our marketing experts offered solutions for effectively implementing a revenue attribution strategy.


Revenue attribution is a significant undertaking, and it’s not one that all teams will have the time, budget, or resources to execute. Our Sightline™ Revenue Attribution solution will give your internal team access to the tools and expertise they need to achieve attribution success.

Download the attribution report →


The role of the CMO is changing. Prioritize CX.

As the primary voice of the customer and owner of customer-facing technology, marketing has a unique opportunity to emerge as the leader of CX, which we call Marketing-Led CX (MLCX). CEO Rhoan Morgan joined Leadtail TV to discuss what the new CMO skillset might look like–How “in the weeds” do marketing leaders need to get with their technology stack? How can they align with their sales partners in making revenue the teams’ North Star? And where do creativity and the human element fit in?


MLCX is a new concept for many marketers, and launching an initiative can feel intimidating. But every marketer has the skills, the insights, and the technology to be successful. You can start small, learn as you go, demonstrate proof of concept, and keep building upon your insights and successes.

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For Marketing Teams

Marketing challenges will always exist. Prioritize innovation solutions.

Our team met with marketing leaders and practitioners and uncovered the top challenges keeping them up at night. Those challenges ranged from the development of innovative marketing strategies to proving ROI. We explored the challenges and shared solutions to overcome them in a two-part series.


There will always be marketing challenges with which to contend. By understanding those challenges, analyzing changes, and developing strategies, you can help turn the dial to ensure success and a better night’s sleep.

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