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By: DemandLab on March 30th, 2023

Why Did We Attend Adobe Summit? Our Team Shares the Many Reasons

It’s a wrap on the 2023 Adobe Summit, held in Las Vegas from March 21-23—and DemandLab joined in to exhibit Insentric, our new marketing intelligence platform, and learn about the latest digital innovations.

We got so much from the conference, from making new connections to sharing stories to simply being happy to interact in person again.

What were our big takeaways from the event? Let’s let several of our attendees share in their own words:

DemandLab CEO Rhoan Morgan
“After so many years apart, this was a wonderful moment to celebrate marketing, technology, and being in person again!

DemandLab had a full team there to support the launch of Insentric, our new marketing intelligence platform for large enterprises and Fortune 2000 B2B marketers who need to measure & prove revenue impact. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to demo and discuss Insentric with people face-to-face. Of course, we had amazing conversations with new and existing DemandLab clients and peers throughout the conference.

Our team attended several key sessions both live and at the online event from their homes. Adobe did a great job creating a space for learning, growing, and advancing in all we do as marketers interested in making an impact at our organizations and—specifically at DemandLab—for our clients.

After Adobe Summit, I met with the team before we made our way home: The energy and excitement were palpable. We will bring back new ideas and insights that are sure to enrich and grow our clients’ initiatives in the coming months.”

–Rhoan Morgan, CEO

“Adobe Summit was immersive and showcased new innovations and solutions around the latest marketing challenges; as my first time, it was a wonderful opportunity to network and find out Adobe’s latest developments in products and services.

What resonated with me included the latest advances in marketing technology, including AI and machine learning solutions that enable streamlined marketing operations and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. Hearing from other experts and thought leaders about emerging trends was very insightful. The new features Adobe unveiled at the event were surprising and interesting, especially the Adobe Sneaks.

Also, our clients are seeing data attribution challenges and we’re definitely addressing a big gap in the market with Insentric, which has raised many people’s interest.”

–Emma Wahdani, Martech Client Success Strategist

“Part of why I enjoy going to Summit so much is the blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em nuggets of information you can get out of a session.

For example, during the Marketo roadmap talk on Thursday, one quick screenshot of a feature caught my eye around form behavior—so I stopped by afterward to get more details. It turns out there’s an upcoming feature to integrate calendar scheduling with forms; when you’re ready for that demo request, you can pick an available day and time within the form experience.

That feature is part of a larger strategic play Marketo Engage is making. Adobe has an amazing opportunity to tell a real story with where they’re taking Marketo Engage’s roadmap: There’s a move to embrace the “Engage” side of that moniker with features like full-fledged dynamic chat, integrating Adobe Connect for interactive webinars, and targeted messaging with account list activation and segmentation.”

–Casey Grimes, Manager, Martech Innovation

“One of my biggest takeaways involved the content supply chain, with content reframing into a production line of sorts. I see this as a volume and efficiency play for the ops folks.

Adobe Workfront and Adobe Workfront Fusion got a lot of love as part of powering all the other tools more efficiently and effectively.

We should expect more demand for services in adjacent products as Adobe continues to push strongly in cross-sell and integrated systems.”

–Chen Bian, Manager, Client Services

“It was great learning what Adobe has in store for the rest of the year, meeting and connecting with other professionals, and seeing what everyone has to offer to connect tech with people.

Generative AI was the main talking point across keynotes and sessions, with the launch of Adobe Firefly for content generation for creative output and the relaunch of Sensei Gen AI with integrations into Dynamic Chat and Marketo Measure. On the Marketo product front, there were a few announcements on key innovations and developments to support scaling marketing teams planned for 2023, such as journeys in Marketo Engage (i.e., a visual canvas for smart campaigns), a Marketo Engage – Workfront integration to automate program builds, and integrating webinars in Marketo Engage. Dynamic Chat Appointment Scheduler may also benefit from a Zoom meetings integration by the end of 2023 in addition to the Teams and/or Meet links it currently supports.

Overall, it was a great environment to get a better feel of the Adobe ecosystem, where Marketo’s perceived value lies, and how our work outperforms most typical consultancies.”

–Madalina Bogdan, Manager, Martech Services

DemandLab COO Eric Hollebone

“It was good to get back to in-person events!

AI was the word of the conference, both within Adobe and external news events at the same time. The Adobe re-release of Firefly for generative AI on imagery and some more is coming via dynamic chat. But not yet in customer data, and that’s an opportunity for us at DemandLab.

Product-wise, everything is being integrated into the Adobe experience platform in terms of data, identity, and targeting.”

–Eric Hollebone, Chief Operating Officer

“It was wonderful seeing so many people come together to share the benefits of the technology, services, and products and learn about what other organizations offer.

The topics around the growing uses of AI technology were fascinating. It was clear that the conversation around this technology was that it would continue to function in conjunction with or copiloted by human perspective and influence.

I also found it helpful to understand through many dozens of conversations that DemandLab has a unique value proposition with our services and our new product, Insentric.”

–Charlie Padilla, Change Management Consultant

“I attended Adobe Summit in 2018 and 2019; returning took some time to get into the swing of things. However, it was like riding a bike, as if Summit Live never took a brief hiatus.

It was great to be back networking with other professionals and seeing the new products and improvements to existing Adobe platforms firsthand. I learned a lot from speaking with attendees and other partners regarding the current marketing environment and the advancement of marketing technology solutions.

One of the common themes revolved around personalization and effectively reaching their target audience with the “right message.” Attribution was a topic presented during the keynotes, and those who visited our booth expressed interest. AI was also emphasized, as well as content creation and the creative cloud. Continued advancements are being made in the Adobe Experience platform.”

—Christian Roberts, Business Solutions Consultant

“It was fantastic to have the opportunity to spotlight DemandLab, the services we offer, and our new marketing intelligence platform, Insentric, at the 2023 Adobe Summit. We were delighted to share demos of the platform and answer questions about it with Summit attendees.

We also gained insight into how we can further position Insentric as a solution to many of the revenue attribution challenges marketers face.

As a first-time attendee at the Adobe Summit, it was also fascinating to learn about the new uses of AI technology and how they will impact our lives, both personally and professionally.

I enjoyed hearing about the work Adobe is doing to continue to move us forward technologically. And it was wonderful to network in-person with others within the technology space. In addition, Adobe’s keynote speakers were interesting, engaging, and inspiring.”

–Heather Roche, Marketing Director


What were your learnings from Adobe Summit? Did you participate in-person or virtually? What do you think you’ll be taking back to your organization?

We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s just to say hello, find out how we can transform your marketing and sales, or get a closer look at Insentric, which provides a way to get your data to work better for your needs. Get in touch with DemandLab today.