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Marketing-Led Customer Experience: The Future of B2B

The pandemic has accelerated the trend toward highly personalized digital customer journeys. Which is why customer experience has become so important. Find out what you and your marketing team can do right now to effectively serve the needs of not only your customers but also your business.

The B2B customer journey has evolved: Buyers are now seeking out the digital self-serve channels that are built and supported by Marketing. As a result, the marketing organization now has an opportunity to create a new approach to customer experience (CX).

Traditional CX is fragmented across business silos, but Marketing-led CX consolidates the experience so it can benefit from greater consistency, new customer-facing technologies, and the leadership of marketers—who understand the customer mindset best.

In this on-demand webinar, join Rhoan Morgan, CEO of DemandLab and Stuart Gilchriest, Director of Customer Experience and CCXP at Hertz, to learn:

  • Three reasons Marketing will own B2B CX in future
  • The proven impact of enhanced CX on key business success metrics
  • How to lead a Marketing-led CX initiative in your organization
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