eCommerce Company Quadruples Engagement Through Nurture

When Magento was acquired by global digital media and digital marketing solutions leader Adobe, they had a huge opportunity to expand into the Asia-Pacific market.

But Magento’s time-consuming, batch-and-blast email approach proved ineffective in reaching this new target audience. With a wealth of high-quality content at their disposal, Magento needed a way to match the right content to the right audience segment.

To accomplish this, Magento engaged DemandLab to implement a highly targeted and personalized Marketo nurture campaign while eliminating workload. As a result, Magento was able to:

  • Boost lead engagement 4X in just a few months
  • Regain 10 weeks of staff time per year
  • Target high-value market segments

Find out how DemandLab’s two-phased approach helped Magento transform a manual email process into a sophisticated nurture that automatically moves leads through the buyer journey and drives pipeline.

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