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eBook: Change Agents - The Radical Role of Tomorrow's CMO

The vast technological changes that have taken place in the last 10 years have led to great pressures and opportunities for marketers – an opportunity to take the lead in sparking transformation within your own organization.

Change Agents: The Radical Role of Tomorrow’s CMO was written to provide marketers with the tools needed to lead their organizations to success in a customer-centric world. This book will help you:

  • Obtain organization-wide buy-in for marketing’s central role
  • Develop healthy data architecture, governance, and analytics
  • Identify the talent you need to build your marketing dream team
  • Build a customer journey that accelerates revenue
  • Gain an insight-rich, 360˚ view of your customer

Read Change Agents and create a marketing game plan that enables you to step up and lead a customer-centric organization.

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eBook: Change Agents Strategy Playbook

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