Getting Ahead of COVID-19 Budget Cuts

As the economy spirals downward and circumstances for B2B buyers are rapidly changing week by week, business leaders are being forced to make some very tough decisions regarding their 2020 business plans as well as their workforces.

As Marketing tends to be one of the first lines of business to see budget cuts in an economic downturn, savvy CMOs will be proactive in partnering with their CEOs and CFOs to revise the marketing plan and modify budget and revenue goals accordingly.

In this webinar, B2B marketers will gain perspective on the business implications of the spread of COVID-19 and get ahead of impending budget cuts by revising their 2020 plans. 

Your new reality requires a shift in resources to programs and tactics with direct revenue impact, watch this webinar to learn: 

  • The benefits of being proactive in proposing budget reductions and shifts to the CFO
  • Specific recommendations of marketing areas and tactics to turn off, maintain, and accelerate to survive and thrive in an unstable marketplace
  • Why it is more critical than ever for all marketing programs to align to a strategy with measurable results
  • How to manage revised marketing budgets in relation to revenue goals and expectation
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