Adobe acquires Marketo

September 21, 2018 Eric Hollebone


DemandLab’s take on the Adobe acquisition of Marketo.

DemandLab has one of the longest histories as a partner and customer of Marketo. Since 2009, we’ve worked with its customer base to leverage marketing automation and lead management technologies in support of market growth and revenues.

We were part of the Marketo ecosystem through the initial public offering in 2013 and the subsequent acquisition by Vista Equities in 2016. Each of these changes in ownership structure has led to expansive growth of the Marketo customer base and we are looking forward to another leap forward now that Marketo is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

In our view, Adobe’s Marketo acquisition is one of the best possible ownership options for Marketo’s customer base. Because Adobe does not provide a solution in the CRM market, Marketo will remain platform agnostic and continue to support and grow all of the current customer integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and others.

As an agency that spans both marketing automation, content marketing and data architecture, we are excited about the possibilities that Adobe Experience Cloud’s analytics, personalization, and content solutions offer in conjunction with Marketo’s lead management, account-based marketing, and attribution technology. We believe this acquisition will enable both Adobe and Marketo solutions to deepen their combined footprint in the marketing technology landscape and become an even stronger, more central platform in the marketing stack.

What we are really excited about is the focus and expertise Adobe brings to the enterprise market. Marketo is a highly configurable and flexible platform that is uniquely suited to the complexity and needs of enterprise and global organization.

As Adobe works through the merge process over the coming months and years, we look forward to a substantive integration into Adobe’s Advertising, Analytics, Commerce and Marketing Clouds.

For ourselves at DemandLab, we are eagerly looking forward to joining a larger partner community and delivering a more comprehensive set of solutions to our clients.


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Eric Hollebone

Eric is DemandLab's Chief Services Officer. He is a three-time Marketo Champion, a two-time Revvie Award winner, author of “Change Agents: The Radical Role of Tomorrow’s CMO,” and an early advocate of marketing automation, measurement, and analytics. Eric has experience leading all facets of global marketing and product management, including customer acquisition/retention, brand awareness/development, corporate/content marketing, product management for large public sector enterprises, early-stage ventures and private organizations.

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