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By: DemandLab on September 19th, 2019

Demandlab Announces a New Service Partnership with Uberflip

DemandLab, an award-winning technology-focused marketing consultancy, has become an official service partner for content experience platform Uberflip.

[PHILADELPHIA, PA] – [September 19, 2019]DemandLab announced today that they have joined the Uberflip partner ecosystem as a service partner, providing an array of services to help Uberflip clients implement their platform and optimize the content experience to fuel business growth.

“For more than a decade, DemandLab has focused on helping our B2B clients deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale by integrating the power of martech, content, and data,” said Hayden Jackson, Director of Content Strategy at DemandLab. “By partnering with Uberflip, we can bring those elements together to deliver content experiences that are more engaging, personalized, relevant, and impactful.”

Uberflip, the world’s leading Content Experience Platform (CEP), empowers B2B marketing and sales teams to create unique, targeted content experiences to engage accounts, nurture prospects, and convert leads without the help of IT.

DemandLab’s Uberflip services include:

  • Strategy: Setting the content strategy, including persona development, journey mapping, and content audits, alignment, and tagging.
  • Implementation: Customizing, designing, and developing Uberflip platforms.
  • Integration: Integrating Uberflip into the tech stack to enable deeper measurement and nurture activity.
  • Creation: Creating, updating, and repurposing content to address content gaps and enrich the content experience.
  • Promotion: Developing promotional channel strategies to widen the funnel and re-engage prospects.
  • Measurement: Creating end-to-end content performance measurement and revenue attribution systems.

“The Uberflip and DemandLab partnership creates a valuable opportunity for organizations to align their content and demand strategy and focus on getting buyers to consume more content, faster to accelerate the journey,” said Craig Varljen, Head of Partnerships at Uberflip. “There is a natural alignment given DemandLab’s existing content and demand expertise and we look forward to working together to help marketers address how they can better personalize their marketing efforts to increase conversion with content experiences at the core of their strategy.”

DemandLab works primarily with mid-size and enterprise businesses in complex, B2B sectors including fintech, finserv, technology, and transportation. In addition to the new partnership with Uberflip, DemandLab is an Adobe Bronze Solution Partner and a Marketo partner of 10 years’ standing.

About DemandLab

DemandLab is a technology-focused marketing consultancy that accelerates revenue for its clients by aligning marketing, sales, and customer success functions through customized strategic solutions that leverage system architecture, data science and analytics, and end-to-end customer journeys. With solutions designed to scale, DemandLab helps clients advance their digital transformation strategy and create competitive differentiation that advances business goals and drives revenue. Learn more about this award-winning consultancy at

About Uberflip

Uberflip is a cloud-based content experience platform that empowers B2B marketers to create personalized content experiences at scale. By providing marketers with the tools they need to boost engagement, generate leads, and fuel demand generation, they can better leverage content to meet their goals. For more information, visit