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By: Veronica Vidal on February 21st, 2024

DemandLab’s Impactful Leap at the 2024 RevOps Summit

Last week DemandLab headed to Austin, Texas for the 2024 Revenue Operations Summit, this event stood out as a gathering of innovative minds focused on leveraging technology and operations to foster revenue growth. It was a chance for all attendees, including ourselves, to learn, share, and evolve together.

This premier event brought together the leading minds in leveraging rev ops for growth. As Martech professionals, we enjoyed exploring collaboration opportunities to achieve revenue acceleration success!

It was a common theme that RevOps deals with challenges in getting a holistic view of all revenue generating activities. We were able to discuss some of our work with clients and how Insentric can help provide a clearer picture of performance for the organization!

As a highlight of our #LeapWithDemandLab campaign at the Summit, DemandLab introduced a baby wallaby and a baby kangaroo, which quickly became the talk of the event. These adorable animals, provided and meticulously cared for by Wild Things Zoofari, not only drew attention but also served a greater purpose. For every attendee who signed a waiver to interact with these charming creatures, DemandLab pledged to donate $5 to the African Wildlife Conservation Fund. Furthermore, to amplify our impact and engagement, an additional $5 donation was made for every individual who shared their experience on social media using the hashtag #LeapWithDemandLab. This initiative not only added an element of joy and uniqueness to the event but also underscored our commitment to making a positive impact on global conservation efforts.