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By: DemandLab on September 24th, 2020

Marketing-Led CX Failed to Launch in 2020: DemandLab Is Leading the Second Wave

Marketing consultancy DemandLab doubles down on the importance of CMOs leading the B2B buyer journey to increase revenue and eliminate fragmented CX approach.

Philadelphia, PA – September 24, 2020DemandLab, a technology-focused marketing consultancy, has launched a new initiative to help B2B marketers address some of the biggest challenges they face by taking ownership of the end-to-end customer experience.

The marketing-led customer experience (MLCX) is a new approach that consolidates CX strategy and operations within the marketing function. This enables CX to benefit from greater coordination across business functions and leadership from the CMO, who is closest to customers and can represent their best interests at the executive level. Extensive research has shown that improving CX supports a host of business priorities, including higher margins, increased customer retention, higher revenues, and faster revenue growth.

“The way B2B companies manage CX is fragmented across multiple organizational silos, which negatively impacts the customer,” said Rhoan Morgan, Co-Founder and CEO of DemandLab. “MLCX supports a more cohesive and intuitive experience by placing the customer journey in the hands of CMOs, who have been honing their skills as customer champions, journey creators, and experience innovators for many years.”

The concept of MLCX gained prominence several years ago, but adoption rates have not matched the early predictions. In 2016, 86% of CMOs predicted they would own the customer experience by 2020, but today, fewer than half have reached the goal.

However, trends such as the digitization of the buyer journey due to the pandemic, changing B2B buyer preferences, and the halo effect of B2C CX innovations have all placed new pressure on B2B organizations to renew focus on CX and revisit the potential of MLCX.

“This is an ideal moment for marketing to step up and lead CX,” said Eric Hollebone, Chief Services Officer at DemandLab. “Marketing technologies and marketers’ technical skills have fully matured, enabling them to build and manage sophisticated CX stacks capable of delivering seamless, engaging experiences.”

DemandLab is resurfacing the concept and championing the cause of MLCX among B2B marketers by providing them with educational and practical resources to help them launch MLCX initiatives within their own organizations.

DemandLab has kicked off the initiative with the publication of a foundational article that explores the contribution marketing has to make to CX innovation, the business impact of MLCX, the challenges involved in operationalizing the approach, and best practices for planning a MLCX initiative. The agency will be publishing new resources regularly and invites B2B marketing leaders to join the MLCX mailing list to have the latest resources delivered straight to their inbox. Marketers can also visit DemandLab’s dedicated MLCX resource center to browse the growing library of resources.

MLCX resources for B2B marketers can be found at these links:

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