Marketo Marketing Nation Summit Selects DemandLab to Speak on Smashing Data Silos

March 15, 2018
Big data dashboards light up on a laptop in a modern office with a group of marketers blurred in the background.

DemandLab’s Eric Hollebone and Courtney Grimes selected among other Marketo Champions to lead Technical & Foundational Techniques Track at the 2018 Marketing Nation Summit.

[PHILADELPHIA, PA] – [March 15, 2018] – DemandLab, a technology-focused marketing consultancy based in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce that Eric Hollebone, Chief Marketing Technologist and VP Marketing, and Courtney Grimes, Martech Solutions Engineer, have been selected to speak alongside Gary DeAsi, Director of Demand Generation at Pointillist, at Marketo’s Marketing Nation 2018 Summit Conference in San Francisco.

The presentation, titled “Smash The Data Silos: Use Marketo To Create A Single Source Of Customer Truth,” will examine the silos that exist around marketing data, tools, and teams, and demonstrate how marketers can:

Break down silos by modeling, tagging, and schematizing Marketo and cross-platform data to create a single source of truth.

Strengthen Marketo touchpoint, program, and channel reporting with a journey-based analytic framework that illuminates the entire customer lifecycle across platforms.

Leverage data to uncover high-impact opportunities and obstacles in the path-to-purchase and path-to-advocacy.

“Data is the foundation of any customer-centric business,” said Rhoan Morgan, CEO of DemandLab. “Eric, Courtney, and Gary have developed a presentation that shows marketers how to consolidate and leverage data to improve their customer journey and gain deep customer insight and I’m excited for them to share this approach at the Summit.”

Marketo is the leading customer engagement platform on the market. Its annual Marketing Nation Summit connects the best and brightest in marketing, services, advertising, IT and more. As a trusted Marketo partner, DemandLab delivers in-depth expertise to the Marketo community.

About the speakers:

Eric Hollebone is Chief Marketing Technologist and VP Marketing at DemandLab. He is a three-time Marketo Champion, Revvie winner, and Marketo Certified Solutions Architect who has delivered technology solutions to global brands including Rolls-Royce Aircraft, Ford Motor Company, and Agilent.

Courtney Grimes is DemandLab’s Martech Solutions Engineer. She is a Marketo Certified Expert and Analyst, a four-time Marketo Champion, a Certified Salesforce Administrator, and a Google Analytics Individual Qualification recipient. She is also the author of several thought leadership pieces on digital technology platforms and analytics.

Gary DeAsi is a three-time Marketo Champion and global digital marketing expert who has led multiple Revvie-Award-winning initiatives for SmartBear Software. He is currently Director of Demand Generation for Pointillist, a company that builds journey analytics software.

About DemandLab

DemandLab is a technology-focused marketing consultancy that accelerates revenue for its clients by aligning marketing, sales, and customer success functions through customized strategic solutions that leverage system architecture, data science and analytics, and end-to-end customer journeys. With solutions designed to scale, DemandLab helps clients advance their digital transformation strategy and create competitive differentiation that advances business goals and drives revenue. Learn more about this award-winning consultancy at

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