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By: DemandLab on October 1st, 2019

Averting Disaster through a Marketing Stack Audit

A martech audit uncovered a critical API error that jeopardized the company’s service to customers.



The newly hired Director of Marketing Operations for this specialized marketing software provider needed to ensure the integrity of their marketing stack and integrations. The company’s core value to customers relied on its ability to integrate Marketo with its own social-media monitoring platform.


DemandLab conducted an in-depth audit and uncovered a significant design fault in a critical API implementation that directly impacted the company’s ability to deliver primary value to its clients.


DemandLab assessed the fault, evaluated multiple solutions, and helped the client implement a multi-step strategy to mitigate and rectify the issue. By identifying the fault and acting quickly to address it, the company was able to roll out the solution to their end customers quickly and without incident.