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By: DemandLab on December 4th, 2019

Online Brand Voice Helps a Fintech Firm to Produce Quality Content at Scale

Learn how a fast-growing fintech firm built a sharable, accessible, updateable, and actionable online brand.


After an acquisition, a fast-growing fintech firm had invested in a detailed and carefully crafted visual brand. However, they soon realized that while the brand structure and visuals enabled them to create a cohesive look and feel, it didn’t give them the guidance they needed to support the brand in their written materials.

As a result, their content assets—including blog posts, eBooks, webinars, emails, and landing pages—lacked a unified and recognizable brand voice.

The issue was all the more urgent because the firm needed to ramp up its content production by hiring outsourced content creators in addition to its internal team. Without clear and actionable content guidelines, they ran the risk of diluting the power and credibility of their valuable brand.


DemandLab led a “brand voice” workshop to help the client identify the human and stylistic elements that characterized their content brand. Using these insights, DemandLab created a digital brand voice for this client that collected a complete set of content quality tools into a convenient and easy-to-update online source.

The online content brand included key information about the firm’s audience segments, the human dimensions of its voice, a searchable style guide, and templates and best practices for specific content types.

The online brand was built on a simple CMS that is easy for the marketing team to update as the content brand evolves and expands. It is also password-protected so that the team can grant and rescind access to external content contributors as needed.


The fintech firm now has a clearly articulated content brand that exists in a format that is shareable, accessible, updateable, and actionable. The online brand is helping the firm scale their content efforts while ensuring that the content they produce is consistent, credible, and brand-aligned.