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By: DemandLab on December 4th, 2019

Reigniting Marketing Automation to Achieve Revenue Growth

DemandLab helped this professional learning platform elevated its use of Marketo into a full-scale customer engagement tool.


The world’s largest professional learning platform wanted to accelerate its use of marketing automation platform, Marketo. Historically, used as an email marketing tool, the company wanted to enhance its use of the platform to support its goals of better engaging clients, accelerating pipeline, increasing deal size, and increasing overall revenue. The company also faced issues with data segmentation, email deliverability, and system efficiency.


DemandLab performed an in-depth system audit of Marketo, Salesforce, and Salesloft and uncovered issues affecting system performance, reporting, efficiency, and compliance. After analyzing the findings, DemandLab’s team of martech experts developed recommendations to drive customer engagement and support revenue-generating activities.

DemandLab implemented data governance strategies including GDPR and CASL compliance programs and a data dictionary, revamped the company’s lead scoring program, enhanced its engagement programs, and created a reporting framework.


The marketing automation and technology improvements DemandLab introduced resulted in scalable programs and more personalized communications for the client’s customers and prospects. The recommendations and solutions increased time savings, enabled collaboration between business units, provided the sales team more visibility into prospect behaviors, and advanced the company’s reporting capabilities. Overall, the client elevated its use of Marketo into a full-scale customer engagement tool.