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By: DemandLab on October 1st, 2019

Transforming the Member Experience for an Agricultural Organization

A review of the organization’s business processes and systems helped them prepare for digital transformation.


An agricultural association wanted to demonstrate service excellence and deliver a unified customer experience to its members and constituents. They also needed their systems of customer engagement to be capable of collecting and reporting on customer data in order to
provide visibility and insight to internal stakeholders, including marketing, sales, and customer services.

However, out-of-date technology, siloed and poorly designed data systems and inefficient business processes made it impossible for them to achieve their goal.


The association contracted DemandLab to help them gain a deeper understanding of the issues holding them back and clarity about the best way to move forward.

Over the course of two days, DemandLab conducted on-site interviews with key stakeholders from 10 functional teams at the client’s headquarters. This process enabled DemandLab to assess the intra- and inter-departmental data dependencies, current systems implementation, and business processes.

DemandLab used the insights gathered during the interviews, a thorough review of the system architecture, and analysis of findings to deliver a Business Processes and Systems Review Recommendations report.


DemandLab provided this client with visibility into the current state of their technology, including how existing systems were being used to support prospect, lead and opportunity lifecycles and account management.

The DemandLab team determined how these systems were leveraged for association management, marketing campaigns, sales efforts, and related business processes, as well as reporting and forecasting and contextualized these findings to ensure greater performance including increased efficiencies and deeper visibility into marketing and sales results.

The resulting report gave the client a foundation for building out the systems that will support their digital transformation and produce a greater return on their investment.