Revenue Ecosystem® Framework

The Revenue Ecosystem® is designed to help marketers and their organizations replace campaign-based thinking, silos, disconnection, and company-centrism with strategy, collaboration, integration, and customer-centrism.
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DemandLab's Revenue Ecosystem® Framework

A framework for change

The Revenue Ecosystem® is a step-by-step framework for transforming your marketing practice. It’s designed to help you leverage technology, automation, and talent to deliver engaging, personalized customer experiences, understand and anticipate customer needs, and support every customer-facing and revenue-generating function across your organization.

It’s a proven system that DemandLab has used to lead marketing and digital transformation in organizations of every size and across a wide range of sectors. And it enables marketers to lead the movement to redefine the organization’s revenue potential.

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DemandLab's Revenue Ecosystem® Framework

Are you ready for Marketing-Led Customer Experience?

Over 80% of organizations expect to compete mainly based on CX this year (Source: Gartner).
Marketing teams today have the opportunity to enable brand-defining, personalized customer experiences at scale and throughout the customer journey. But to realize the potential, you need a framework for connecting the organization’s greatest resources—people, processes, technology, and data—to support the customer journey. You need a Revenue Ecosystem®.

Two colleagues working through the six steps of the Revenue Ecosystem®

Steps of the Revenue Ecosystem®

Two colleagues working through the six steps of the Revenue Ecosystem®
The imperative

Revenue Growth

The new marketing imperative

For the first time in history, any marketer can draw a straight line from their marketing efforts to the organization’s bottom-line revenue. That means marketing can finally prove its value to the organization is clear and measurable terms.

But to seize the opportunity, you need to align the marketing function with the broader revenue ecosystem. Marketers need to redefine their success by replacing the marketing-centric language of clicks and leads with the business-centric language of revenue and growth.

We can help

At DemandLab, we believe that every marketing strategy needs to begin with measurable revenue growth as its ultimate aim. We help you:

  • Identify your organization’s revenue targets
  • Align marketing activities with revenue expectations
  • Identify the technology needed to help you scale
  • Identify bottlenecks that automation can alleviate

From revenue growth to digital transformation

When the marketing mission is driven by revenue, it changes everything, from the talent you seek to the goals you set to the business units you collaborate with.

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“The vast technological changes that have taken place in the last 10 years have led to great pressures and opportunities for marketers.”

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The mindset

Digital Transformation

Deliver on the promise

True digital transformation delivers on the promise marketing makes to the organization—to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time consistently across all channels.

Marketers who take on the challenge of leading digital transformation need to rethink and break through the limitations of their existing role. Because while digital transformation starts with marketing, it cascades through the whole organization. How will you enact this change? And who will you bring on board to share the journey?

We can help

Marketers are uniquely placed to lead digital transformation in their organizations. DemandLab can help you assess your current mindset, technology stack, and strategy against the requirements for digital transformation. We’ll help you:

  • Integrate technology systems across all business units
  • Enhance technology systems to collect customer data
  • Map customer touchpoints to revenue

From digital transformation to data model

Digital transformation makes a wealth of customer and operational data available to your organization. The data model helps you facilitate the flow and realize the value of that data.

The fuel

Data Model

Data drives the growth engine

Data is the fuel that accelerates revenue generation. But data can only deliver that value when the organization collects, distributes, governs, and acts on it strategically and holistically.
The data model defines the architecture (the data you need to capture), governance (the rules by which it’s collected, stored, and shared), and analytics (the value it needs to deliver). It’s the foundation of every data-driven, customer-centric organization, enabling you to derive meaningful business insights and build engaging customer experiences.

We can help

Developing a data model involves bringing core business lines together, examining the flow of data, identifying silos, gaps, and bottlenecks, and finding ways to enrich and improve data assets. We’ll help you:

  • Audit your existing data management processes
  • Identify data deficits, silos, and bottlenecks
  • Create your Data Dictionary and Lexicon
  • Identify new data efficiencies, enrichments, and analytic value
  • Develop a data model that supports the customer journey

From data model to blueprint

The data model sets the requirements for extracting optimal value from your data resources. The blueprint identifies the people, processes, and technologies required to support the data model and fulfill the organization’s revenue potential.

The master strategy


Map a path to success

Once you have developed a model that governs data collection, distribution, and use, you’re ready to build your blueprint.

Through a collaborative process that includes risk-taking, brainstorming, and consensus-building, input from the organization’s leadership level is synthesized and distilled so that it reflects shared priorities and meets budget and timeline constraints. The end result is a strategic document that defines the talent, technology stack, and business processes that support revenue targets and customer needs.

We can help

Building the blueprint is the most ambitious step in the journey and one where a consultant’s expertise and neutrality can be most valuable. DemandLab can facilitate the process of facilitating leadership participation and synthesizing the input to create a strategic document that maps a clear and accountable path to success. We’ll help you:

  • Review and optimize your data model
  • Facilitate leadership engagement sessions
  • Consult on technical and business requirements
  • Build a customized and comprehensive blueprint
  • Author the executive strategy report

From blueprint to growth engine

With a fully articulated blueprint that has the full commitment and support of the organization’s leadership, you’re ready to build your growth engine.

Change Agents Strategy Boxed Set
“The vast technological changes that have taken place in the last 10 years have led to great pressures and opportunities for marketers.”

Download Change Agents to create a marketing game plan that enables you to step up and lead a customer-centric organization.

The ignition

Growth Engine

Reimagining the system

Traditionally, marketers have skimmed the surface of the customer experience, focusing on customer-facing technologies and processes. But when it’s not connected to deeper systems of engagement, business applications, and infrastructure, it can’t support omnichannel, personalized, real-time interactions.

The growth engine connects technology platforms, human processes, and automated processes to create a system that’s greater than the sum of its parts and capable of generating true insight and enabling exceptional customer experiences.

By ensuring that of each part of your growth engine is connected to the others and there are clearly defined integrations both in terms of data quality and timing (based upon your data model), you can design and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Make no mistake, building a growth engine takes coordination and change management beyond the marketing function. Make sure to engage your colleagues from other parts of your organization in order to be successful.

We can help

Ready to take a deeper dive and build a system that generates insight and optimizes the customer experience? We’ll help you:

  • Create a phased approach to building a growth engine
  • Identify cross-functional project stakeholders
  • Select technologies that support a better customer experience

From growth engine to 360˚ view of the customer

With a growth engine in place, your system of record is ready to deliver a richer, more accurate view of the customer than you’ve ever seen before.

The insight

360˚ View of the Customer

See your customer clearly

Marketers are closest to the customer, yet we often struggle to see them clearly because our systems of engagement aren’t set up to turn touchpoints into insights.

When we structure our CRM to collect data at every touchpoint, our customers emerge in three dimensions and the data enables every business function to anticipate the customer’s needs, elevate the relationship, and identify new opportunities for customer success and revenue acceleration.

We can help

Ready to see your customers in rich, vivid detail? We’ll help you:

  • Redesign the system of record to optimize data collection
  • Identify the customer data collected across all touchpoints
  • Use qualitative and quantitative data to enrich the customer profile

From 360˚ view of the customer to customer journey

When you can see your customers clearly, you can support them on a journey where they’re welcomed, recognized, and understood.

The experience

Customer Journey

You're selling experiences

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, you’re not selling products or services. You’re selling experiences. The customer experience is the single most exciting opportunity and a key brand differentiator for today’s organizations.

Great experiences arise from customer journeys that are consistent, personalized, timely, relevant, seamless, and frictionless. When your system can collect data at every touchpoint, share it across the organization, and use it to drive meaningful interactions, you can elevate the customer experience along with customer acquisition, retention, and profitability.

We can help

Building a rewarding customer journey paves the way to sustainable revenue growth for your organization. We’ll help you:

  • Design an integrated, end-to-end customer journey
  • Use segmentation to reach customers more effectively
  • Leverage dynamic, personalized, and predictive content

From customer journey to customer engagement value model

What happens when the customer journey is designed to leverage touchpoints to collect relevant data and deliver personalized, frictionless experiences? The customer engagement value model is born.

The value

Customer Engagement Value Model

Aligning business and customer goals

The customer engagement value model (CEVM) delivers value to the customer and the organization using a system of engagement. The end result is a continuous feedback loop that collects customer data and metabolizes it to generate business insights and optimized customer experiences and outcomes.

By focusing on this value, we have helped our clients achieve impressive results, including multi-million dollar opportunities, a 400% increase in leads, personalization at scale, and annual cost savings of up to $300,000.

What does a CEVM look like? See for yourself.

We can help

Creating an engagement model that delivers value to the customer and the organization requires both technical proficiency and creativity. DemandLab combines the best of both worlds. We’ll help you:

  • Examine your CEVM holistically
  • Create a model that delivers personalization at scale
  • Identify new opportunities for business insight

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