Build a Marketing Data Strategy that Drives Insights

Enhance your marketing and sales data’s hygiene, value, and usability with a solid data strategy while ensuring that you meet privacy and accessibility requirements.

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Team meeting with two marketers sharing new marketing data strategy

Improve your data processes

Data drives your marketing operations, but poor data management can limit your ability to engage customers and generate revenues while exposing your organization to the risk of devastating fines and reputational damage. With a skilled team that provides expert data analytics solutions, we help you build a marketing data strategy that turns your data into insights that will drive growth for your business.

Let’s Talk Data
Team meeting with two marketers sharing new marketing data strategy

We can help you build a solid marketing data strategy

We help you address sales and marketing data hygiene, quality, and completeness, in addition to governance issues. We do this by developing a data governance strategy, architecture, rules, and processes to ensure that your data meets organizational goals and regulatory requirements.

Data Management and Governance
Digital Privacy Compliance
Accessibility Compliance
Data Lakes and Warehousing

Data Management and Governance

We bring a structured and rigorously customer-centric approach to developing data governance strategies for your core marketing automation, CRM platforms, and extended marketing and organizational stack. We analyze your existing integrations, streamline your data sources, people, and processes, and implement efficient data rules through collaborative data governance exercises.

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“DemandLab has been instrumental in helping iCapital evolve our marketing and sales communication programs and reporting capabilities in a strategic and systematic way. We work with DemandLab on marketing data strategy and process planning, advanced integrations, and analytics. We could not imagine tackling all aspects of our Marketo integration without their team’s support, focus, and ongoing project management.”
Senior Vice President, Acquisition Marketing Strategy and Analytics
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Three steps to implementing effective marketing data strategies

Are you ready to meet your business goals, drive success, and achieve revenue growth? Begin with our three-step process.

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We've been working remotely with clients around the globe since 2009. That means we know how to deliver great results regardless of distance, time zones, or bad traffic. Let’s work together to improve your data processes.
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